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5 forces to win over a mundane day in office

5 forces that help you win over a mundane day in office

1.       Organise your mail – Organising your email is a perfect way to capitalise on a slow day. Not only one can clean their mailbox but also come across communication that might have slipped through the cracks

2.       Redecorate your cabin – Loaded with knowledge of Vastu and Feng shui you can go about redecorating your cabin filling it with positive energy. This may also led to changing your boss!

3.       Connect with vendors and agency people – Monday to Friday all our communication is based on needs and requirements, however connecting with business partners just for saying ‘Hello’ cements one’s relations and makes things better for future

4.       Show your witty side – Communicating with office staff on a light note over lunch or coffee break helps to create a cheerful atmosphere. This comes in very handy especially if you are placed high up in the company. Such communication also brings about hidden talents of employees.

5.       Exercise – Reading and trying our chai exercise can be a good relief from neck and shoulder pain. Plus you can work on your heart count and schedule a medical visit accordingly

Finally if all these do not work threaten people you will jump out of the window for some serious excitement.



Love to cook and eat, can't stay without exercising, being a good observer body reading comes naturally to me,

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