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Pundit ji calling


Ever since the time one of my friends introduced me to Vodafone Astro I have been hooked on to it. One can know all about the demons that lurk around the corner well in advance all thanks to the 9 rupee per minute call to pundit ji. Pundit ji will also help you find your soul mate, career opportunities even predict when your boss is likely to get changed, and such is the power of 9 rupee call.

Pundit jis were always treated as holy cows and those who can predict the future were a step ahead. Early in my childhood I came across one such guruji. He was sitting next to my gran pa and was locked in a heavy debate about stars and planetary movement. I think may be even NASA can take a leaf or two from these learned men. I on the other hand unaware of the power of guruji was getting ready for cricket and sat next to them. Guruji was holding a ras gulla tasty sweet made form milk) and he turned towards me. 

Pundit ji – Kya naam hai aapka (what’s your name)

Granpa – Ye hamara sabse chota pota hai Rishikar (he is my youngest gran son, Rishikar)

Pundit ji – Accha to Rishikar ji hum jante hai aapke man mein kya chal raha hai (I know what’s running in your mind)

Rishikar – It was a scary moment cox at 16 apart from adult content there is very little one can fill their mind with. Like someone who is caught red handed I smiled with guilt, I was also angry as to why is Pundit ji looking at such thoughts is he not supposed to have renounced such worldly pleasure.

Pundit ji – ek number socho (think of a number)

Rishikar – okay done

Pundit ji opened his palm and number 7 was written. I gaped much in horror than excitement. Without wasting a minute I touched his feet and ran away.

This was the first moment where I felt the pitiful, harmless pundit ji holding nothing but a small bag can be so dangerous.

In fact my cousin, Shaleen had a similar experience. After playing cricket (In India everyone plays cricket, it’s a cultural thing) he came home to see a Pundit ji savouring a cup of tea in the living room. Pundit ji looked at Shaleen closed his eyes and said, ye ladka to doctor banega, iske mathe pe likha hai (it is destined that the boy will be a doctor). Shaleen looked confused, this will be the first time a commerce student will graduate out to be a doctor. Looking back one feels pundit ji may have been hinting at a PhD.

There was a seed of doubt had germinated suggesting can pundit jis be wrong?

Some pundit jis also claim to be close confidante of Gods as if Gods whisper in their ears. And there are many gullible people who fall for it. My reader am sharing a story about my gran ma.

As a child I was quite popular with illness, I could have become ill if someone sneezed a mile away. My gran ma wanted to find a solution and after various doctors she turned to a mahatma ji visiting Patna. After various requests mahatma ji finally agreed to visit us in Lal Kothi (our house a landmark in Patna).

Mahatma ji – is ladke ke swastha ke liye aur, ghar ki shanti ke liye, aur graho ki kripa ke liye ek hawan karana hogo (for the health of this lad, peace and prosperity of the house one needs to perform a ritual including holy fire)

Back in 90s an amount of 10,000 was a lot of money. But my granny was determined to get this through. The hawan was performed at the temple inside the house (yes there was a temple inside the house, old British era houses were grand and spacious). I was given a beaded necklace of Coral.

Though I continued to be susceptible to illness for a few more years but then things improved.

Few years down the line I tried to sell off the coral beaded necklace only to be told that the beads are worthless, it’s just red plastic not any gemstone.

Now this was a shock, can pundit jis be cheats?

Having grown up with such experiences I still continue to consult and pay heed to the suggestions of Pundit jis. Now why is this, is it because of faith or because of habit? Or may be sometimes one just needs an assurance that things are going well.

I pose this question to you my reader why do you think people still flock to pundit jis and why does their reign continue to grow?



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