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When will the “Gods” of Croma wake up…

~ How bad customer service kills a brand! ~


It’s a battle of David and Goliath where the part of Goliath is being played rather well by multi-brand retail chain, Croma. A quick background story will bring you up to speed – I brought this 1.5 ton, super-efficient, 5 star Croma AC. Being a TATA group company, which prides itself on trust, there is no reason why I will doubt this offering. I paid the full price – not that I was getting any discount on it. Being unaware of how bad the product is, I got it installed. And this is where the problems started!

The AC is very NOISY; light sleepers and people with small children, please avoid. But the cooling was good – being an optimist, I choose to look at the positive side. After replacing my old Japanese AC, this was one of the best experiences of sleeping in cold room, albeit a bit noisy.

Day 4, 2 AM, I woke up with noise of water falling. OMG there is water on the floor, I need to remove my air purifier. Where is this water coming from? The AC!!! Why is water pouring from the AC? It’s a brand new AC! Being a TATA loyalist, I decided to bring this to the notice of Croma representatives so that they could take the necessary action. Within 24 hrs, they send a representative and the problem seems to go away. Great job TATA guys, well done. Though I am a bit disappointed because no one likes to see any problems with a new product for which you paid full price. I decided to let it go, only if this had been the end of it.

My readers, in one year I have faced more than 4 repairs done under various pretexts. Every time I will request an expert opinion from Croma, they send a service engineer to do some servicing job. Finally, after the fourth repair I decided enough is enough; I cannot let this lazy, ignorant bunch of Croma people spoil brand TATA. This is the day I start my online update on what is Croma doing about my case.

I reported my first Twitter update stating what has Croma done with me and I need my money back. The digital team of Croma reverted immediately and asked me to share my contact details. Then they called me up and said –

Me – your brand new AC has undergone 4 repairs in one year for the same problem, obviously the solution is not working coz the problem reoccurs.

Croma – we are sorry for that and will pass the complaint to higher authorities, they will take a decision. 

Me – appreciate it, however, if the product is being fixed for the same problem again and again, there is clearly something wrong – I need my monies back

Croma – will pass the details to the higher authorities

Me – how soon can I hear from the higher authorities, makes them sound like “GOD”

Croma – soon

Now imagine what Croma does? Holla the “super intelligent” guys send another service engineer.

Service engineer – your AC needs servicing, the charge is Rs.500

Me – what? Your AC has had a problem for over a year and I am not looking for any servicing

Service engineer – servicing will fix the problem

Me – no thank you but I’m not paying anything

The higher authorities, “GOD” did not call the day after, after all GOD has so many people to attend to, and must be busy. But then GOD did not call me for 3 days after that, and in fact, at the time to writing this blog, I am yet to hear from the higher authorities.

In between the service engineer calls again –

Service engineer – Sir I have been asked to service your Croma AC free of cost

Me – why you wanted to charge me

Service engineer – no idea! I have been asked to do so

How does this make me feel? Like I am a trouble creator in merry land and I should be quieted. No one is actually interested in solving the problem and ensuring that other customers do not have to experience similar problems. All I am saying is that there’s a problem with a Croma branded AC and it needs to be looked at seriously. A mere sweep-under-the-carpet approach will not work. But unfortunately the “GODs” at Croma don’t seem to be bothered.

I shall continue updating on what happens in the story…






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