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When the “Gods” of Croma woke up!

I shall continue the story from where we left in the previous blog, ‘When will the “Gods” of Croma wake up’.

The service engineer walked up to me, looked me in the eye with a conviction of a believer and said – There will be no water leakage post this servicing, he couldn’t have said anything better to please me. Like a child I believed in his conviction and got the AC serviced for the nth time.

Day 10 post servicing, the chronic problem returns. There is water all over my wooden furniture; my cats are getting stressed because of the incessant noise of water falling from the AC on to the floor. In short the problem was back and there is nothing which I could do about it.

water that was soaked by the rug till morning on just one of the days

I went back to Twitter making sure Croma people to take me seriously; I tried everything, even to the extent of threatening a complaint in consumer forum but to no avail. Somewhere the response from Croma became too mechanical and lacked human touch – Imagine a robotic voice, “We have informed the higher authorities, they will get in touch”.

At this moment I genuinely felt very helpless, I was on the verge of giving up when I decided to give it one more shot. I started reading about Croma, taking part in forums where consumers have had similar complaints, did they manage to get a solution and just getting to know more and more about the retail giant. Accidentally I stumbled upon a man called Ajit Joshi, who will turn out to be the CEO  & MD of Croma, next couple of hours went in to reading about him. I knew what I had to do!

Next day I called up Croma, got the details of Ajit and put him a mail. My job was done, I had done everything possible, and everything I could have. But someone can still argue, you could have sat on dharna like the AAP guys!  Not funny…

Kehte hain bhagwan ke ghar der hai andher nahi. In no time I got a response from the Croma team. It was like Shiv, the destroyer, had woken up and was raged so see his world in such a state of lethargy. All the devtas (deities) of Croma lok were in action. For the first time I felt even Giants can be swift.

My problem was addressed immediately and was handed over to a capable team who kept me informed on what is happening. Finally this Saturday (03/05) I got a new AC, with promises that this will not leak.

A quick review about the new AC – its smaller in size as compared to the earlier model, it’s not overwhelming. The design has definitely improved and looks classy. Noise has vanished, yep that’s right the AC is not noisy anymore. And finally the cooling, you can compare it with the best. Overall a good product and is worth the money.

After a long time, I once again sleep in the cooling comfort and this time its calm as well!



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