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The obsession of hiring celebrities as brand ambassadors!

Brand Ambassador

Let’s start this blog by one simple question.

Q) Which is a bigger, larger than life, super luxury brand between these two?
A) Kareena Kapoor or
B) Jaguar

People who answered Kareena please close the page now!

Seriously how can a mature company like Jaguar do something as naïve as this?
What are they expecting to gain out of this? Kareena will make Jaguar a bigger brand? In this case Merc, Audi and BMW guys, yuhuuu there’s nothing to worry about!

Will Kareena make Jaguar sell more? Only time can tell, but in my opinion people who can buy a Jaguar, know better!

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Kareena, she is the grand daughter of Raj Kapoor and a brilliant actress.

A timeless brand like jaguar which transcends boundaries, age, sex, race, religion does something as random as this; then who knows what’s going to happen next!

Now let’s look at this – OLX hires Kapil Sharma

Imagine the amount of money which would have gone to hire a big star like Kapil. By no means will he come cheap. Now let’s ask a few questions.

Q) What will this do for OLX
A) Make it a household name since Kapil has mass appeal. Hopefully this will increase traffic to your website, so it’s great.

Q) Customer comes to your page and then what?
A) The product sucks, its BAD. Anyone who has used OLX can tell the website is riddled with fake seller. You need to clean your product, make it Brilliant and not just great before getting a barrage of customers. But then who wants to do this tedious leg work.

One has to wrestle with your website to get anything useful out of it.

Another case, Philips hires Arjun Kapoor

Someone please tell PHILIPS, and I have worked for Philips and have huge respect for that company. This is a great company for a fresher, filled with very genuine intelligent people; there are a lot of human values in this company, a rare quality which very few companies can boast off.

Recently they hired Arjun Kapoor. Philips you can’t do this! You are a bigger brand than a fresher who is yet to make his bones in the industry. Stop undervaluing your brand.

Your shavers are world class and you guys are the No.1 in the industry. This is not a leader’s move by any standard. If I am No.1 then I shall behave like No.1 in all my communications.

Another example is Ponds hires Varun Dhawan.

I mean Varun is good but at the same time he doesn’t carry any meaning for the common people. One could replace Varun with Arjun and the result will be same. How is this a brand fit?

The fault –

This is a fast world, it’s a digital world seems to be the new mantra. Most of the people want to jump jobs in a year of two. Quick results and smart work! Brand managers and marketers are in a rush to make an impact in this limited number of years and get something to write on their CV. No one is willing to do the leg work, get the basic execution right. I think I read in a book that most CEO’s fail not because they do not ideate and see the next curve but simply because they are weak on execution.

Hfff…now let’s try and end this blog on a good note, not all celebrities are brand misfits.

Gillette hires Rahul Dravid
It’s a Brilliant fit with the campaign they are running. Dravid is known for being a gentleman and has been a responsible player of the Indian team for many years. He has carried the hopes of 1 billion people umpteen number of times and has delivered success. Now cut to the radio campaign (am a radio guy, I listen to radio quite a lot) A child is telling his dad about the cricket match he had, he mentioned that the batsman hit his bowl for six and he abused him. Dad was taken aback; he asked why would you do something like that? Child says, it’s what the players do on TV. Then the dad corrects him saying you must not do such a thing rather congratulate the batsman for playing well and then improve your game. The spot ends with the message – if one person slacks in his responsibility then the work of other person increases by that extent. Something Rahul has always done for India.

Now my readers, thank you for your time. Your comments, questions, abuses…all are most welcome, just keep it coming.



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2 thoughts on “The obsession of hiring celebrities as brand ambassadors!

  1. I agree. I think there is no proper thinking that goes into celebrity endorsements. It’s more like a short term temporary goal and not long term objective. I thing the biggest example is dove – never used a celebrity and they managed to create a brand which is successful and resonates with their audiences

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