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The great escape

The main characters of the story are Hachiko and Garfi. Both are tom cats, Hachi is a year elder to Garfi. Both are house cats but love going out. I caught them on camera making an escape plan. The story as told by pictures is as follows:

Hachi and Garfi
Hachi – Look Garfi, these panes can be removed. There is a way to jump out from here!

hachi & Garfi 2
Hachi – There is a big world outside there, lots of cats to chase and lots of trees to climb.

Hachi & Garfi 3
Garfi – What are you saying! let me have a look.

hachi & Garfi 4
garfi – Yes you are right, we can push these panes and jump out, good work Hachi. We escape this Saturday when the two guards fall asleep after partying.

Hachi & Garfi 5
Hachi – No we escape tonight, I have been here longer than you and cannot take it anymore (dishum, dishum).

Hachi & garfi 6
Hachi – Don’t even try fighting, I will beat you. I am the supreme cat, Garfi surrenders

Hachi & Garfi 7
Hachi – Oops its lunch time, we will have to postpone our plans, Garfi agrees

Garfi – Tasty food, I am on a protein diet though! After all the guards are not that bad, we will give them a slip later.



Love to cook and eat, can't stay without exercising, being a good observer body reading comes naturally to me,

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