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The tele marketers of the digital world

Who can forget the hordes of tele callers hounding us for various things right from selling a bright future to a trip abroad. These people had all the traits of super achievers, they were persistent, never gave up and if by chance you are rude with them then they will hunt you down. Had the Government not intervened it would have almost impossible to stop them. You can almost compare them with Agent Smith of Matrix. If you block one of the callers they will simply change the number and start calling you again. Apps like True caller, spam blocker would have just died out.

But thanks to the intelligent people at the right places, somebody woke up and said – Hey this is wrong, this harassment has to stop. Am sure they were also harrowed by the tele callers else we know our Government machinery does need some motivation to work (that’s under the previous regime).

You know, it is said that nothing can be destroyed forever, matter just changes form. So what happened to the tele callers? What did they morph in to? The answer is digital advertisers! And this time they are stronger and more irritating than ever before.

So what happens when you try and watch a video? The first thing to pop up is an advertisement and sometimes there is no option to skip them, you just have to bear it out. The word NUISANCE will be an understatement. No one likes to be forced fed. If one wants to watch something they will land up else stop bothering them.
Now why is this happening? It’s simple, the brand managers, marketers have very limited creative sense.

Almost all the big companies depend on a system to run things, to protect people and if necessary hide behind it. So when these people are exposed to the concept of digital being the new platform what do they do? They treat it like another TV and start slapping ads before videos. I have huge war chest, so I spend of TV, Print and then go for bulk on digital. Just bombard people with the advertisement, focus on reach and hope people will take the correct action.

It’s not their fault, till now the entire marketing approach was about reach, it was about push. People have a budget and they advertise, calculate ROI and everyone celebrates, which is great. But when you are on digital, push no longer works. People have to like your content. Now that’s difficult, no one told anything about this to the number guzzling marketers. Their creative sense is limited to what the creative agency puts on the table. Now it’s an uphill task for them.

One brilliant campaign which I would like to talk about is, The Photographers case by Fox Crime. The campaign was true to the genre of the channel. It was a case where one had to look for clues and then move ahead. The execution was flawless, great graphics and very good story. No wonder it went on to win the Yahoo Big Idea Chair Award in 2011.

The promotion attracted the genre of people who would be interested in the programs Fox Crime has to offer. Now this was intelligent targeting, as compared to the heard approach of advertisers with big budgets, “Just spend the money on reach and we shall get hits”.

Going ahead such a harassment from the digital advertisers will have to stop. It’s causing negative reaction towards their brand. No one likes to wait and especially on digital. If I want your adv. I shall see it, else stop bothering us!



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