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Mind, Meditation & an Amusement Ride!

Loopy Woopy
Loopy Woopy (image courtesy Imagica)

The feeling when every organ of your body is talking to your mind. Your knees are saying ‘You can hurt me really bad’. Neck is whispering ‘Are you serious, you old man! I’m constantly in pain due to your madness, please don’t try this’. Heart is talking so fast that I can barely understand anything. This is the feeling when you are about to do a water ride which is approx. 50 ft. in height with speeds that will give Usain Bolt a run for his speed and you have no idea what you’re jumping into.

Cut to the Loopy Woopy ride at Adlabs Imagica Water Park. While climbing up to the launch platform, each stair was asking if I really wanted to do this. At the launch pad, I was greeted by a cute little enthusiastic guy who looked so thrilled. May be he was thinking, ‘Here comes my victim’, but then he seemed too sweet for that.

“Aa jao, aa jao” (come on) he says with yellow teeth and big smile. There is a que ahead and people are listening to every word this little guy says. “Remove your T-shirt and wrap it around your hand”, everyone complies without the slightest protest, talk about discipline! Right ahead is a launch capsule with a trap door. The capsule has a transparent door, the people outside can see the anxiety on your face. One by one my turn comes closer. The mind is still trying to dissuade me from the ride. The little guy cracks a joke, everyone laughs and the visible tension disappears. I think that was good enough for boosting moral. There are only two people ahead of me. My mind is preparing the body for the impact, it is not sure what is going to happen, it has no reference check and it trying to make sense of how people are reacting. “Chalo aa gaya aapke number” says the little guy. The launch capsule opens, I step inside and wait for the countdown. THE WORLD FADES OUT.

Being inside the capsule is the ultimate level of meditation one can achieve. You are already committed to the ride and THERE IS NO BACKING OUT. The mind goes blank, blood is being pumped to only the essential organs, and there is ABSOLUTE CALMNESS. YOU ARE IN THE MOMENT. 3, 2, 1 announces the mechanical voice, the little guy shows a thumbs-up sign and by the time I try to smile the trap door opens. The mind is busy recording the data of the experience as the experience is absolutely fresh.

36 feet vertical drop is covered in less than 2 seconds, that’s really fast and then there is rest of the ride which goes through a loop with water splashing and the exhilarating ride finally comes to an end. The first thing the mind says is, “Yeah this is fun and not dangerous, let’s do it again!” Tell me about it!



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