Dear reader,

First of all thank you for going through my website.

I have 11 years of marketing experience and am working as Group Head for Mirchi Properties at Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM. In these 11 years I have worked with 3 companies – Philips, Radio Mirchi and Skechers USA, the longest tenure with Radio Mirchi, close to 7 years.

Mirchi Properties is the television wing of Radio Mirchi which creates TV shows like Mirchi Music Award, Mirchi Top 20 and so on. In this role I am responsible for the show rating on TV (TVR), Media Plan and Sponsor integration.

Key success areas of my career-

Accelerating sales:
1. Increasing sales through tactical marketing campaigns – Consumer promotion offers
2. Improving TV show rating through content and media planning
3. Launching new products for business growth – Philips Pocket FM radios

Marketing skills:
1. Part of launch team of Skechers in India
2. Creative Direction for multiple brand campaigns – ATL & BTL
3. Setting up & leading social media marketing teams
4. Expertise in Media planning for best utilization of budgets

Personality traits:
1. Strategic thinker
2. Strong communicator
3. Team player
4. Brings fun to work place
5. Out of the box approach

I am a good orator and enjoy narrating stories.

I hope you enjoy the blogs and updates.



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