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Umbrella for livelihood


What meets the obvious eye is a girl holding an umbrella for a guy as he barbecues the corn. However my dear readers I promised that every picture has a story to tell, so what’s the story for this one?

Umbrella for livelihood

The picture was taken at Borivali National Park on 26th July, 15. I had gone out for bicycling. Borivali National Park is a proper forest reserve complete with Leopards and deer. What makes it special is the forest reserve is inside Mumbai city limits. How many cities in the world can boast of this?

Inside the forest reserve is centuries old Buddhist caves, Kanheri Caves. The caves date back to 1st century BC and are believed to be one of the oldest cave formations of the country.

Mumbaikars and visitors flock to this beautiful place during monsoon. One can come across nature lovers, photographers, families looking to picnic, young couples, and fitness junkies along with an abundance of monkeys. The air is fresh and the shadows fall behind you.

Coming back to the story, this Sunday I decided to spin the wheels of my new bicycle and go through the mountainous terrain in the Borivali National Park. At the end of 30kms I had already cranked out quite a lot from my recovering body so I stopped for some high carb treat. Though the sky was overcast it wasn’t raining.

Local food vendors are scattered all throughout the trail selling nuts, fruits and corn. I settled for some nuts and asked for a well done corn. All of a sudden it started to pour as if someone opened a tap somewhere. While couples seized the occasion and cozied up I looked embarrassingly at the bushes, trees, clouds, my own feet and then finally at the corn seller.

I was hoping to get my corn when I realized what an amazing human story this moment had to offer. A concerned sister hastily pulling out an umbrella to shield the coal stove from the rain. It’s not her brother she is concerned about, though he also enjoys the benefit (Collateral benefit). Her attention is focused to keep the coal stove going as it’s their means of livelihood. Her brother is confident that the fire in the stove will be protected from the rain. The same reflects in his nonchalant behaviour. Such an act was a routine thing in their everyday life. The duo was quite amused when I requested to take their picture.