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Solution for Google Map – Travelling tour guide

Google Maps

Concept: Travelling tour guide
Platform: Mobile based
Application: Google Maps

Benefit to user: Make road journeys fun, informative and interesting
Benefit to Google: More people will use Google Maps for travelling, the existing ones will show higher brand loyalty

Explaining the concept in 150 words: My wife, Richa and I, enjoy visiting places of historical importance, this time we were enroute to UNESCO World Heritage sites of Ajanta and Ellora. They are Buddhist cave monuments dating back to 2nd and 1st century B.C. We started on a 427 KM road trip from Mumbai. As usual Google was very helpful except a few hiccups, turns…re-routing…From Mumbai to Ajanta we would have passed so many places, landmarks, monuments…which will come to life only if we knew about it. Else they are just structures.

Google Maps at any point of time know where the vehicle is. What if there is an option within Google Maps to switch on a tour guide (audio based). The tour guide will provide fun, interesting information about the places, landmarks as we pass by.
End result: A happy family with rich experience.

What do you think?

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Mind, Meditation & an Amusement Ride!

Loopy Woopy
Loopy Woopy (image courtesy Imagica)

The feeling when every organ of your body is talking to your mind. Your knees are saying ‘You can hurt me really bad’. Neck is whispering ‘Are you serious, you old man! I’m constantly in pain due to your madness, please don’t try this’. Heart is talking so fast that I can barely understand anything. This is the feeling when you are about to do a water ride which is approx. 50 ft. in height with speeds that will give Usain Bolt a run for his speed and you have no idea what you’re jumping into.

Cut to the Loopy Woopy ride at Adlabs Imagica Water Park. While climbing up to the launch platform, each stair was asking if I really wanted to do this. At the launch pad, I was greeted by a cute little enthusiastic guy who looked so thrilled. May be he was thinking, ‘Here comes my victim’, but then he seemed too sweet for that.

“Aa jao, aa jao” (come on) he says with yellow teeth and big smile. There is a que ahead and people are listening to every word this little guy says. “Remove your T-shirt and wrap it around your hand”, everyone complies without the slightest protest, talk about discipline! Right ahead is a launch capsule with a trap door. The capsule has a transparent door, the people outside can see the anxiety on your face. One by one my turn comes closer. The mind is still trying to dissuade me from the ride. The little guy cracks a joke, everyone laughs and the visible tension disappears. I think that was good enough for boosting moral. There are only two people ahead of me. My mind is preparing the body for the impact, it is not sure what is going to happen, it has no reference check and it trying to make sense of how people are reacting. “Chalo aa gaya aapke number” says the little guy. The launch capsule opens, I step inside and wait for the countdown. THE WORLD FADES OUT.

Being inside the capsule is the ultimate level of meditation one can achieve. You are already committed to the ride and THERE IS NO BACKING OUT. The mind goes blank, blood is being pumped to only the essential organs, and there is ABSOLUTE CALMNESS. YOU ARE IN THE MOMENT. 3, 2, 1 announces the mechanical voice, the little guy shows a thumbs-up sign and by the time I try to smile the trap door opens. The mind is busy recording the data of the experience as the experience is absolutely fresh.

36 feet vertical drop is covered in less than 2 seconds, that’s really fast and then there is rest of the ride which goes through a loop with water splashing and the exhilarating ride finally comes to an end. The first thing the mind says is, “Yeah this is fun and not dangerous, let’s do it again!” Tell me about it!

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“We talk about positive vibes around a temple, try tuning into the vibes at any amusement park”

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Umbrella for livelihood


What meets the obvious eye is a girl holding an umbrella for a guy as he barbecues the corn. However my dear readers I promised that every picture has a story to tell, so what’s the story for this one?

Umbrella for livelihood

The picture was taken at Borivali National Park on 26th July, 15. I had gone out for bicycling. Borivali National Park is a proper forest reserve complete with Leopards and deer. What makes it special is the forest reserve is inside Mumbai city limits. How many cities in the world can boast of this?

Inside the forest reserve is centuries old Buddhist caves, Kanheri Caves. The caves date back to 1st century BC and are believed to be one of the oldest cave formations of the country.

Mumbaikars and visitors flock to this beautiful place during monsoon. One can come across nature lovers, photographers, families looking to picnic, young couples, and fitness junkies along with an abundance of monkeys. The air is fresh and the shadows fall behind you.

Coming back to the story, this Sunday I decided to spin the wheels of my new bicycle and go through the mountainous terrain in the Borivali National Park. At the end of 30kms I had already cranked out quite a lot from my recovering body so I stopped for some high carb treat. Though the sky was overcast it wasn’t raining.

Local food vendors are scattered all throughout the trail selling nuts, fruits and corn. I settled for some nuts and asked for a well done corn. All of a sudden it started to pour as if someone opened a tap somewhere. While couples seized the occasion and cozied up I looked embarrassingly at the bushes, trees, clouds, my own feet and then finally at the corn seller.

I was hoping to get my corn when I realized what an amazing human story this moment had to offer. A concerned sister hastily pulling out an umbrella to shield the coal stove from the rain. It’s not her brother she is concerned about, though he also enjoys the benefit (Collateral benefit). Her attention is focused to keep the coal stove going as it’s their means of livelihood. Her brother is confident that the fire in the stove will be protected from the rain. The same reflects in his nonchalant behaviour. Such an act was a routine thing in their everyday life. The duo was quite amused when I requested to take their picture.

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It started as a time pass, no brainer game. But this one turned out to be different, way different. In a span of some 3 months I have been a part of so much learning and action. I wanted to share the same –

• Leader – In the first clan we had a leader named Rick, now Rick won’t communicate. Most of the time he was missing from discussion, aloof, not taking active part in running of the clan. Though people respected him but no one loved him. This resulted in other clan members taking active participation in running of the clan.

• Rewards – It does feel good when one gets rewarded and ones owns loyalty to the person rewarding them. As Rick was mostly absent Indrajit took care of rewarding people with promotion. It felt good. People were happy with him and man we had quite a few co-leaders and elders in the clan. Indrajit was the craze as he had the power and if you approach him he will promote you.

• Revolt – The growing popularity of Indrajit and Rick’s reluctance to discuss the transfer of leadership led to formation of a new clan, Phoenix Slayers. The popular leader Indrajit was in charge. There was an exodus of people from the old clan. We all were happy members of the new clan.

• Hard work – As expected in the new clan people had expectation from their new leader. Since almost everyone was promoted to the highest level there was nothing more which Indrajit could do. We needed people to run the clan and this meant hard work. This is where Deb comes in. She was active in the previous clan as well but in the new clan she will be in a totally different avatar.

• Persistence – Deb started working with and on the clan members, she will get up in the middle of the night to check on the clan members, schedule wars, advice green horns. She went on to make a blog to help people do better at clan wars. Deb was always involved giving shape to all major decisions in the clan. She was putting in hard work, was persistent and loved what she was doing.

• Getting noticed– If you love your work it will show and that’s what happened with Deb. The clan members started looking up to Deb for guidance. If you keep polishing copper it will start to shine and Deb’s hard work was shining. People loved her.

• Change – Deb started to bring a first a few and then some major changes in the clan which also includes demotions and kick outs. Indrajit, the leader, could not do much as the majority was with Deb. This meant a change was in the cards.

• Murmur starts– Members of the clan had started talking about change in leadership. These were the same people who were happy with Indrajit at one time but no longer supported him. They had realized that Indrajit had outlived his purpose and the clan needed a new leader if it has to grow.

• Graceful exit- Finally one evening Indrajit bid farewell to the clan as he handed over the leadership to Deb. He knew his time has come and made a graceful exit. I am sure I am going to miss him, especially his attitude of taking everything in his stride.

The COC journey will unfold many more chapters as we continue to grow. Do share if you have a story to tell.

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Happiness & Money

“I wish money was able to buy happiness, at least one would have known who the happy ones are”

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Govt. bans consumption of Beef